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Everything revolves around Male

Not only is it situated in the middle of the country but it has always been the capital of the Maldives, run for centuries from the sultan’s palace and then from the president’s office.

It is not only the political hub but the economic, social, educational and medical centre too. It is no wonder that more than a third of the country’s population now lives here. And well over 120,000 people on two square kilometres makes it one of the densest places to live on the planet.

The vast majority of tourists visiting the country will fly in to Hulhule just next door. If you get a chance to visit Male given a few idle hours while waiting for a transfer or a flight, then snatch it, because the place has a fantastic vitality. Resorts within speedboat distance will usually offer a trip to the capital as an excursion.

The rapid growth of tourism has injected huge amounts of money and the place is abuzz with people making deals , trying to get a slice of the pie for themselves, and opening new cafés, ice cream parlours and restaurants that add a certain Mediterranean outdoor feel to evening entertainment. There can hardly be another town of a similar size with so many places to have coffee.



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As the sun sets, familiesfamilies, couples of all ages and mothers with their childrenchildren gravitate to the outside of the island to sit and chat, to play and to take some exercise. A sea promenade was built along the whole southern side of Male after reclamation and this extends up the east side past the surfing point, the cafés, the little artificial beachbeach, the basketball, volleyball and football area on up to the new concert stage and children’s entertainment park. As the night settles in these places only get busier.

Few holidaymakers will be in Male at night which is a shame. It is ultra safe and stays up later than any other town or city in South Asia. That is a modest boast; it probably competes with all but the hottest of global cities in the percentage of people still up at 2am. What it lacks in vibrant nightlife, it makes up for in sheer staying power.

For a couple of hours after the shops close at 11pm the restaurants and cafés stay open. They are required by law to close at 1am, to the chagrin of an often fairly full house. Male, at this time, is still buzzing. And it’s not prepared to close down yet.

The next day can be put off a while longer.

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