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Unlike travel agents and operators, I am not interested in shoehorning you into booking a holidayholiday from a small selection of resorts.

I set up SevenHolidays to provide the most comprehensive independent guide to the resorts of Maldives. On this site you can read reviews for every single resort that I am aware of, and although keeping up is a challenge as the industry expands, all of these I have visited personally.

Hopefully, from the reviews and user comments across the site, you will find the resort that will furnish you with the best possible experience of the Maldives.

When you want to book

Part of my service to you is to find the travel operators through whom you can book your perfect resort. Some are handled by only one, others by a selection. Some are not available through any (see below for how to get into these!).

Exclusive access to hidden resorts

Don’t be put off if you have fallen in love with a resort that cannot be booked through an online travel operator. Usually what has happened is that agents in a particular country have bought up the holidaysholidays exclusively far in advance, leaving nothing free for the international market.

However, SevenHolidays has access to an informal clearing system in the Maldives for holidays even at these exclusive resorts. Through a network of local agents we can see if there are any available, and if so, get you a quote and tell you how to book.

To get a quote, fill in the enquiry form under the 'Prices' tab for that resort.

One word of caution though – if you don’t want to find yourselves the only people from your country on a island with all Italians, don’t book at an all-Italian resort! My reviews make it clear where nationality plays a significant part in a resort’s clientele. 

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Adrian Neville - Seven Holidays : Your Guide to the MaldivesAdrian Neville lived in the Maldives and writes the definitive guide book: "Resorts of Maldives", now in its fifth edition. Having tirelessly reviewed every single resort, he is now continually asked ‘which is the best Maldives Hotel for my holidayholiday or vacationvacation?’ Enter – his comprehensive independent guide to Maldives holidaysholidays and how to book your perfect holiday. We cover everything from the cheap island resorts through to the luxury five star Maldives resortshow to book your perfect holiday. We cover everything from the cheap island resorts through to the luxury five star Maldives resorts