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It is well known that The Maldives boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. But what the experienced visitor knows is that the very best ones are not fixed. Sand is moved around the coral islands by the seasons, and the moment one interferes to secure it – by setting walls and groynes or by pumping sand – the picturesque perfection, and quality underfoot, are impaired.

The following islands all have pure, white, talcum powder sand, sweeping handsomely round idyllic islands. Because (with one notable exception) their beaches have been left untouched. No groynes punctuate the shore, no sea walls occlude the horizon, no coarser sand fills any gaps.


These beaches flow with the seasons and are always at large on the island, if not all the way round. In Veligandu’s case, they are actually growing. At these resorts, nearly every single beach room looks straight out onto exquisite shoreline.

Angsana Ihuru is the exception. They pump a little sand from the lagoon to ensure that the wide beach is unbroken on their geographically perfect island. When you’re named the second best beach on the entire planet, perhaps concessions are allowed.

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