Seven Holidays

The Weather

The Maldives is always warm and nearly always sunny. The year round temperature is consistently between 26 and 30°c.

Two monsoon seasons

Two distinct seasons divide the year. The Northeast Monsoon (monsoons are essentially wind directions) runs from December to April, creating the tourist high season with little rainfall, open blue skies and constant sunshine.

The Southwest Monsoon runs from May to November. During this period it is still dry and sunny but with sporadic rain and cloud cover. Only at the turn of the two seasons – November into December, and in May – can the weather be persistently inclement.

At least that is how it always has been. You will not be surprised to hear that the weather has become far less predictable in the last few years.

The Maldives' Department of Meteorology gives more detailed information on the climate as well as a three day forecast.

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