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Taking Your Children

As a rule, the Maldives doesn’t do children very well. But, like all rules, there are exceptions.

A smattering of resorts have children’s clubs. More have some specific facilities such as cots, baby chairs and babysitting. Many have games, sports and excursions that work well for older kids.

As for the key factor of having other children around, it is more a matter of luck than planning, although school holidays and recommended child-friendly resorts will give you the best chance. My top 7 child-friendly resorts are here.

In terms of the island itself, bear in mind the amount of shade available around the rooms and over the beach. Finding a covered spot in which to play is crucial for the happiness of little ones.  You also want to look for a gently sloping, shallow lagoon. And you may want to check if there is a resident doctor on the island.

Recommended resorts for kids

In terms of set-up, the One & Only resorts – Kanuhura and Reethi Rah – are in a league of their own because a founding principle of the company is to cater for the children of guests. They both have two clubs, one for smaller children and one for teenagers. Both are excellently resourced and staffed. 

More economically, Bandos has a children’s club in the middle of the island, has more children around than most resorts and is just a few minutes boat ride from the airport.

In addition to my top 7 choices, you should also look at the Club Med resort, Irufushi, Reethi Beach, Thulhagiri, Lily Beach, Sun Island, Paradise Island, Kurumba, Kuramathi and Kuredu.

Another rule is, if the resort caters for Italians it generally looks after children well. So add Dhiggiri, Alimatha, Madoogali, Halaveli, Rannalhi, Bolifushi, Maayafushi, Moofushi and Palm Beach to your list.

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