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Sometimes a resort has a magic that is hard to put into words. Something more than its wonderful natural and man-made features; an atmosphere that can’t be picked up in a brochure. And there’s only one way to discover these hidden gems – by going there and experiencing the magic for yourself.


Often it involves a personality, as with Gangehi, owned by Monica from the beginning, engendering faithful staff and superlative cuisine. Asdu Sun Island is run by native Ahmed, who has preserved uniquely the original, simple beauty of his country as a haven for his guests. Then there’s Christian expertly coordinating Madoogali’s diving, and Baba being the life and soul on stylish Rihiveli.

And the physical islands matter. Asdu remains unchanged, a special environment for swimming and snorkelling. Madoogali continues to be lovingly cared for, creating a picture perfect setting complemented by outstanding service. Vakarufalhi is a gorgeous, natural resort for utter relaxation.

These are all stunning value because they offer experiences and not just amenities. In particular, Gangehi’s all-inclusive covers the diving, Lily Beach’s the water sports and activities (hosted by exceptionally friendly staff). Rihiveli are equally generous, with exclusive excursion ideas, and on Meeru there so much to do that guests return year after year for a new experience of The Maldives.

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